The process of building a website for your business is easier today than ever. You only have to buy a domain name, choose a web hosting provider to host your website, choose a website builder, and you’re ready to start selling online. However, the biggest problem comes when it’s time to choose a web hosting company. With so many web hosting providers out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. However, there are three things that you must include in your list of features of a great web hosting company:

Customer service is a must-have feature for any web hosting provider

Running a business online comes with a myriad of issues that if not addressed on time, can destroy your reputation for good. We are dealing with human-made machines, which are prone to glitches, which mean those are things we cannot control. However, if a glitch manifests, it should be addressed immediately before the customer notices. Also, if there is scheduled maintenance of hosting servers, the hosting provider should communicate to all website owners upfront to avoid bringing inconveniences. It’s always a good idea to select a web hosting company that offers 24/7 support, so that if a glitch occurs, even in the dead of night, it can be addressed immediately.

Stability of web hosting servers

Stability of web hosting servers is a critical aspect when choosing a web hosting provider. One of the most important elements to look for when evaluating a web hosting provider’s server stability is the percentage of downtime. Even if you are running a personal blog or website, a lot of downtimes is not acceptable. 1% downtime is acceptable. Anything above that means the company’s web servers are not stable, and that could cost your business. If your website experiences too much downtime, suffice to change to another host.

Quality of web hosting server applications

When researching the best web hosting providers out there, make sure to consider the quality of web hosting server applications. You might not need them today, but you’ll surely need them later when your business scales up. For instance, you can start a business website today and set up systems to drive traffic to your site. But later, you find out that just a small percentage of the traffic is converting. To increase your conversion rate, you will need to integrate a blog into your website to offer value to visitors and engage them into buying your products or services. Therefore, you must ensure that the web hosting provider’s package comes with the ability for blog integration.


While there are many features of web hosting that you need to make your website robust, these three are must-haves. Without them, your website may be as good as dead. So make sure all of them are available before you choose a web host.