When you decide to buy a domain name to build your website, you’ll first have to do extensive research to know the value of domain names. During the research, you’ll realize the value of domains varies considerably. Some cost a few dollars, while others have six to seven-figure price tags. The price of a domain name hinges on some factors, including trends, language, length, and demographics. It’s impossible to find one criterion for determining the right domain price. However, you can use specific parameters to estimate the value of a domain name. But there is a catch: You have to go deep into research. Let’s look at these parameters:

Leverage hosting domain appraisal tools

You can get near accurate domain value by utilizing online domain name tools or domain appraisal tools. These are websites that give you the price of domain names. All you need to do is enter your domain in the domain name appraisal tool’s search box, hit the search button and it will avail you the price of the domain name. Some of the best domain name appraisal tools include URL Appraisal, WebsiteOutlook, and Estibot. These tools use different SEO-related parameters to determine the value of domain names, such as keywords, search rankings, monthly searches, cost per click, Alexa ranking, and the number of searches. However, you should know that you will get different values when you use other appraisal tools. It’s a good idea to use multiple appraisal tools and compare the values, and then come up with an average domain name value.

Checking out past hosting domain name sales

Checking out recent domain name sales can help you estimate the value of a domain name. Checking out recent sales can give you information on the kind of domain names that sell the most, and the price at which they are being sold at. You can find this information in the DN Journal, where they list the domain name, how much it sold for and where it was sold. When checking out the report, pay particular attention to the domain name’s length, keywords, and other relevant factors. While this report takes into account a small number of domain names, you can get a rough estimate of the domain name you want to buy.


After doing all that, you will have enough information on how to buy a domain name for your business at the right price.  A domain name is like your web address, and you should make sure you buy the right one at the right price by following these domain name valuation parameters.